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Linuxsupport für kommende Songbird-Version eingestellt

Für die kommende Version des freien Audioplayers Songbird wird der Linuxsupport eingestellt.
Dies ist dem Entwicklerblog von Georges Auberger zu entnehmen.

While our Linux users are some of the most passionate, do some killer development, and always provide tremendous input as to whether we’re on the right path or not, we simply can’t continue to support a Linux version as we have in the past.

And, like you, we can’t stand to see our Linux product be anything less than outstanding. Unfortunately, we can’t make that happen right now. Trade-offs are hard, and this is one of the most painful decisions in the history of the company.

We remain loyal to Linux and the ideology it represents, so we will maintain a version of the software for use by our Songbird engineers who develop on the Linux platform. We’ll make that version available to the community. We will keep Linux build bots and host the Linux builds on the developer wiki. That said, those builds will not be tested and may not pick up new features developed by Songbird’s team.

Es wird zwar zukünftig Songbird für Linux geben, doch dieser wird nicht den Funktionsumfang wie unter Windows und Mac OSX haben.

Persönlich finde ich diesen Schritt sehr schade, zumal Songbird auf dem Code des Mozilla-Projekts aufbaut und Firefox DER Browser unter Linux ist…

via Pro-Linux