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Archlinux bekommt einen neuen Release-Prozess

Zukünftig wird es für Arch-Stable-Releases einen neuen Prozess geben. Installations-CDs werden auf dem Buildserver zum öffentlichen testen und Bug reporten bereitgestellt.

Hi community,
due to time constraints, we have decided to make a slight alteration in the release process. That is:
– we (releng) build testing images and publish them on the buildserver.
– releng does only minimal testing. we rely on the community to try them out and report back to us.
bugs go to the bugtracker under the release engineering project.
it’s often useful to submit your /var/log/aif/aif.log to a pastebin as it gives me much information.
success stories can go in this thread or on the mailing list.
bonuspoints for those who supply patches. (or online git repositories we can pull from)
– once there is enough feedback, and and there are no relevant known bugs anymore, then we can do a new official release.

If you did an installation and it went fine, please report:
– platform (32bit/64/kvm/xen/virtualbox/..)
– automatic or interactive installation
– netinstall or core, dual arch image or normal?
– (if relevant: network setup, dhcp/manual, time setup manual/ntp, ..)
– disk setup (autoprepare or manual. what kind: lvm, encryption,..)
– …

Known issues: … p;reported[]=66

Interesting links for hackers:
archiso (archiso is used for the normal isos, archiso2dual for the dual arch)
AIF (installer)

have fun,

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Bitte fleißig testen, um das Release zu beschleunigen 😉